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Privacy and cookies


This site does not use any tracker cookies; it does not use Google Analytics.


If you contact us using the Contact page we get the email address you entered on the form. We will use your email to respond to you, and we may – very occasionally – use your email to inform you of something relevant to you and this site. We will not share your contact info.

If you order a painting from us, we do not receive or retain any financial details – that is all handled by PayPal. We retain your name and address only until the order is completed and dispatched, after which all identifying information is removed from the transactions database. We don’t share any of this information. See below with regard to retention of emails.

IP and logs

A user’s IP address (which looks something like ‘’)  is used to estimate visits and visitor numbers. This IP address is anonymous as far as we are concerned, and we get no information identifying users from it.

All web hosting services are required to keep logs of any site activity, and these logs are held on the server of the hosting service. The information held includes IP addresses. Your IP address may be relatively fixed, or it may vary a lot; most people’s IP address changes from time to time, and IP addresses are often shared by a number of users at a single location – e.g., a workplace or house.


Cookies on this site expire with the end of the user’s session. Internet Service Providers have their own rules for how long they retain logs.

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